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Shooting Sports Fund


     The Northland Regional Shooting Sports Fund was recently established with the Northwest Minnesota Foundation (NMF) to support programs, projects and activities that support firearms training, marksmanship and public shooting range development in the Greater Bemidji Area. The fund consists of an endowment portion for youth programs as well as a project fund component to raise funds through tax deductable contributions for large projects. This fund came to fruition through the combined efforts of the Bemidji Area Shooters Association (BASA), Bemidji Trap & Skeet Club (BTSC), as well as a private contribution.  There is limited access to shooting ranges in the Bemidji area, which is inhibiting the sustainability of current programs as well as limiting growth with new programs.  The fund will help develop high school, collegiate, and other local youth marksmanship programs.

     Other funding needs may include firearms safety courses, hunter education, and law enforcement certification.  This fund will be a much needed funding structure for tax deductable donations for development of the Northland Regional Shooting Sports Park.  Shooting sports and hunting are a part of northern Minnesota culture.  This fund is a way to support the preservation and promotion of these activities along with supporting the facilities and proper training needed to safely enjoy them. 

     “We are really at a turning point in our country. It is time to start being proactive about what we do with our dollars,” said Brad Smith, President of the Bemidji Trap and Skeet Club.  Smith noted, “In supporting youth programs we are in turn supporting families and communities with positive activities.  Some of my fondest memories as a child are bird hunting with my Grandfather.  I want to give the next generation the same opportunities as I had growing up.”


Online: Click "Donate Now" and select NRSSF under "N" (direct donation to: project Fund)

Pledges, Planned or Deferred Gifts: Please contact Lisa Peterson at or 218-759-2057 


The Northwest Minnesota Foundation is a charitable foundation committed to improving the quality of the places in twelve counties of northwest Minnesota by investing resources, creating opportunities and promoting philanthropy.

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